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Western salsify
Tragopogon dubius             
Sunflower Family

Key identifying traits

  • Plants grow erect, 1-3 tall & have a long taproot

  • Leaves are up to 12 long and are narrow

  • Plants contain a milky juice

  •  Flowers are lemon-yellow ray flowers

  • Each stalk is swollen just beneath the flower head

  • Seed heads look like huge dandelions

Biology and ecology

  • A biennial plant spreading by seeds

  • A plant commonly growing in waste areas and along road sides

  • This plant is from Eurasia and is now established over much of North America

  • It is not usually an aggressive plant in our county

  •  There are two other similar species: meadow salsify which is not swollen beneath the flower and common salsify which has purple flowers


Prevention Learn to identify plants; start monitoring early in the season

Biological No known biological control here

Cultural Plant competitive grass or other cover crop

Mechanical Does not tolerate tillage and will pull up fairly easily

Chemical the PNW Weed Management handbook lists clopyralid + 2,4-D &  chlorsulfuron + metsulfuron as being good for control of salsify

Photo: Mike Haddock,

Photo: Mike Haddock,

Where found
Scattered areas of plants all through Stevens County but no dense populations are known to be present.

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Last Edit: March 25, 2015

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