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Common Burdock
Arctium minus                      
Sunflower family

Key identifying traits

  • Large, alternate leaves broadest at the leaf base-they resemble rhubarb leaves
  • Erect, multi-branched coarse stems in 2nd year
  • Numerous, inconspicuous purple flowers mostly at branch ends
  • Marble sized burs are covered with many slender, hooked spines that gave rise to the idea for ‘Velcro’
  • Stout, solid fibrous stems and tap root are so tough they are difficult to cut

Biology and ecology

  • A biennial growing 3 to 10 feet tall in 2nd year
  • First year leaves are thickly hairy on underside
  • Second year leaves wrinkled, wavy & less hairy
  • Found on roadsides, ditch-banks, next to streams, in pastures and in waste areas
  • Stout plant skeletons with burs are still evident the next year after growth
  • Burs spread by clinging to clothing and animals


Prevention – Learn to identify plants; know your property; beware of fill dirt and seed from outside your area and clean and properly dispose of burs from domestic animals and clothing

Biological – None known to date

Cultural – Good vegetative cover helps lessen infestation potential but won’t completely stop it

Mechanical – Will not stand repeated cultivation, cutting, digging and pulling are difficult but effective; properly bag and dispose mature burs

Chemical – Several effective at label rates; adjuvants increase up-take and effectiveness.  Refer to the PNW Weed Management Handbook for specific chemical recommendations

the "burs" after flowering

leafy plants with flowering stalks

Where found –
Scattered throughout Stevens County in favorable habitat with greatest growth and bur production under favorable moisture availability conditions. More and more patches showing up in city lots and alleys.

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Last Edit: March 25, 2015

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