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Stevens County Weed ID Booklet

Chemical Recommendations- Revised 2014 Version

Submit Your Suggestions for Changes to the 2017 Stevens County Noxious Weed List Now

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Weed ID Booklet for Stevens County

Fourth Printing Now Available for Purchase
(February 2015)
 It includes all of the weed sheets and biocontrol sheets found on this website plus information on weed laws, county policies, useful websites and useful reference books.  The booklet is 168 color pages of valuable information ready for your use "in the field" to help you identify weeds in your favorite recreation areas and on your property.  The booklet is coil bound and measures 5 " x 8 " , perfect for throwing in the glove box of your vehicle or stuffing into a large pocket. 

Our printing costs this year were nearly $13 per book, but we are making it available for purchase for $10, including tax.  It's a bargain at any price!  509-684-7590

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Chemical Recommendations for
Noxious Weed Control

Our 2014 revised Chemical Recommendations Sheet is now available.  You may either view on line or print it out.  If you would like to have a printed version mailed to you, contact our office. 

PDF Chemical Recommendations Sheet

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Suggestions for Changes to 2017 SCNWCB Weed List

We are soliciting suggestions for changes to our county weed list beginning immediately.  We will accept your written suggestions for changes to next year's list until July 31, 2016.  This will allow staff and Board Members time to review suggestions, do some research and discuss the feasibility of any proposed changes.

Changes can include elevating control requirements of a State listed Class C or Class B noxious weed in all or part of the county or reducing control requirements of a county select noxious weed in all or part of the county.  For instance; Poison hemlock is a State listed Class B noxious weed, not designated for control in Stevens County.  If you feel strongly that this weed should be required to be controlled by all landowners here, you can make that suggestion, providing supporting details such as where you have seen it, how much, anything you know about control measures and why you believe we should elevate it to a county select weed. 

Alternately, if you feel that the county select weed, for instance Black henbane (a State listed Class C weed, but elevated to required control everywhere in Stevens County) should NOT be a county select weed, you can make that suggestion and give supporting reasoning as to why. 

We can not add a weed/plant to our county weed list that is not already on the State Noxious Weed List nor can we lessen control requirements that have been set at the state level.  If you have a plant of concern to you that you feel should be listed on the State Noxious Weed List or one that you feel should be removed from the State list, you may make those suggestions directly to the State Weed Board.  Read this information for more about how you can participate in that process.

Contact us via email or letter if you have suggestions for changes to the county weed list.
230 Williams Lake Road, Colville, WA  99114

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If you've attempted to "click on a link" and gotten an error message or simply no photo, I'm very sorry and I wish it weren't so!  The old program we used to create this site is no longer compatible with the newer versions of Microsoft Office.  This means that when I do try to fix broken links, usually relating to images, more often than not, I end up creating more errors than fixes!  So, I'm no longer even trying to insert new images or move images or fix broken links.  I am trying to learn a new program to develop a new website from scratch.  Please be patient and understand that this is going to take a while.  In the mean time, I think there is still a lot of great information and photos on this site that you can access without difficulty.  Thanks for visiting our site!

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