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Wild chervil
Anthriscus sylvestris L.             
Parsley Family

Key identifying traits

  • White flowers arranged in umbrella like cluster
  • Fernlike compound leaves have a sheathing base
  • Hollow, furrowed stems with lower stem hairy
  • Nodes have a fringe of longer hairs
  • Each 1/8 to 1/4 inch white flower produces two seeds
  • Two seeds are joined and have antennae like tips
  • Seeds are dark, inch long, narrow, smooth, shiny
  • Plant grows 1 to 4 feet tall and has a tap root
  • Foliage is not aromatic

Biology and ecology

  • Biennial or short lived perennial reproduces by seed
  • Upright rosette first year; flowers the following May through June or July
  • Found in moist pastures, forested areas and roadsides


Prevention Learn to identify the plant; be careful of British wildflower seed mixes formulated to recreate the flora of hedgerows and meadows of the British Isles.

Biological Goats and cattle will graze chervil (observation by SCNWCB) with very good results.  No other known biocontrols available at this time

Cultural Competitive vegetation helps but can invade well managed areas

Mechanical Cultivation generally kills plants although some can regenerate from the crowns; mowing is ineffective; digging is effective if enough of the tap root is removed

Chemical Refer to the PNW Weed Management Handbook for specific chemical recommendations

wx1.jpg (24347 bytes)
young chervil

wx2.jpg (41245 bytes)
chervil flowers
wx3.jpg (49686 bytes)
chervil parts

wx4.jpg (34534 bytes)
chervil in foreground grazed by goats; behind, no grazing

Where found
Limited acreage primarily in the northeastern portion of Stevens County, but known to be in neighboring Spokane Co and British Columbia

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Last Edit: March 25, 2015

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