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Scotch broom
Cytisus scoparius L.                    
Pea Family

Key identifying traits

  • A woody shrub up to 10 feet tall
  • Classic legume flowers are showy, yellow and abundant
  • Leaves mostly three parted with small, rounded leaflets
  • Forms pods that are flattened, brown or black, with white hair on the margins
  • Erect branches are angled and dark green
  • Winter stems are bare of leaves, but usually remain bright green

Biology and ecology

  • An aggressive, deciduous, perennial shrub
  • Often started as an ornamental
  • A problem in pastures, forests, wasteland and roadsides
  • Common pest in western WA and OR very limited infestations east of the Cascades
  • Dry mature pods are often heard "popping" as they split and eject seeds several feet
  • Seeds remain viable in the soil for many years


Prevention – Learn to identify plants; know your property; beware of contaminated logging equipment especially from west of the Cascades

Biological – A few identified in western Washington

Cultural – Good ground cover and seeding of disturbed areas helps but doesn’t block infestations

Mechanical – Digging is very effective on smaller patches if sufficient root is removed and diligent follow up is used to pull or dig seedlings

Chemical – Several effective at label rates; must exercise care near trees to avoid damage; timing varies greatly with type of chemical; refer to the PNW Weed Management Handbook for specific chemical recommendations

flowers and pods

sb2.jpg (25519 bytes)
Mature Shrub

sb3.jpg (43929 bytes)
in flower

sb4.jpg (40398 bytes)
roadside infestation

Where found –
In northern Stevens County a few small infestations are known on forested sites following logging; one grave site ornamental planting also in a forested setting.

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Last Edit: March 25, 2015

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