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The Washington State Department of Agriculture, Pesticide Management Division; Certification & Training section is responsible for providing initial certification and continuing education for pesticide applicators, dealers and consultants. They have a great web site that explains all of the license categories, who needs a license, how to get one and has links to the appropriate sites for exam study materials and recertification training courses.  

WSDA now provides on-line viewing of a license holder's credit status whether a license is current.  Check your credits and renewal status or the status of an applicator you wish to hire here.

Two new types of Private Applicator Licenses are available to folks doing noxious weed control and/or rodent control on land in Eastern Washington.  Which license is right for you?

The Private Applicator license allows the use of any restricted use pesticide (insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, rodenticides, etc.) on your own or your employer’s land for the purpose of producing an agricultural commodity.  (This license has been available for years)

The Limited Private Applicator license allows the holder to supervise & apply restricted use herbicides on non-production agricultural land that includes pastures, rangeland, fencerows & areas around farm buildings. (New license)

The Rancher Private Applicator license allows the same uses as with the Limited Private Applicator license. In addition, this license allows the use of restricted use herbicides and rodenticides on limited production agricultural land where grain and hay are grown primarily for personal use. (New license)

For full description of the new licenses, see the WSDA Factsheet.

Here is a brief over view of what it takes to get licensed.

  1. Decide what type of license you need. (private applicator, commercial, public consultant, etc)

  2. Decide what categories you need to be endorsed for. (turf and ornamental, right-of-way, aquatic, etc)

  3. Purchase appropriate study materials from WSU.

  4. Study at your leisure.

  5. Make an appointment to take the exam. *NOTE* The Stevens County Cooperative Extension office can administer the exam for the PRIVATE APPLICATOR LICENSE only at their office.  Call them at 509-684-2588 to make an appointment any time.  For all other license types, you must make arrangements through WSDA as listed on their site.

  6. Pay exam fee and take test.

The WSDA website also has a link to courses that they have certified to allow pesticide recertification credits. 
Or you can call WSDA toll free at 1-877-301-4555 to get course information from a live body (ask for IRENE). This will be the most up-to-date info available.

Pesticide Recertification Courses On-line
Need just a credit or two? WSU Pesticide Education Program has launched a web delivery system for licensed pesticide applicators who want to take recertification courses over the Internet. You can now use your home computer to take the courses.  Each course takes approximately 50 minutes to complete and is worth one (1) pesticide license recertification credit. There is a fee involved.

Visit the WSDA Pesticide Management Division 
web site for all the information you need
Last Edit: March 25, 2015

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