Noxious weed control within the 3000 miles of County road right-of-way is the responsibility of the Stevens County Department of Public Works (Public Works). In general, roadside noxious weeds along these County roads are subject to herbicide treatment by Public Works staff on an annual basis.

Public Works and the Weed Board recognize that some owners with property adjacent to County road corridors prefer to control noxious weeds in these designated roadside areas themselves. To address these preferences we've developed the Owner Will Maintain program (OWM). 

Through contractual arrangement, Stevens County landowners adjacent to County roads may assume the responsibility for control or eradication of noxious weeds from Public Works.

In simple terms, the OWM program participant is saying that they donít want the weeds along their roadside sprayed by Public Works and they are willing to take over the weed control in the right-of-way. If the landowner does not adequately control the weeds in the right-of-way, after proper notification, the County may take care of the control work and bill the landowner. Details can be found on the OWM Contract Page.

SCNWCB administers the program and contract compliance is overseen by our staff. Contracts, supporting documentation- posting instructions, current year weed list, reminder letters - and signs are available through our office. Signs are paid for by Public Works. Only those signs obtained from our office will be recognized by the County.

*Note: landowners adjacent to State Highway corridors can contact WA State Department of Transportation (DOT) at (509) 684-7434 to inquire about their program that is similar in nature.