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Suncrest & South County
Kettle Falls

Cities, Towns and Urban-like Areas

There are a great many parcels/lots in the various "cities"-referring to both incorporated and unincorporated settlements within the county-and noxious weed concerns that vary within each area. The Weed Board staff is not realistically able to knock on each door of each house or business or to track down each vacant lot owner in a timely manner to advise of all weed problems needing attention. Most often we find that lack of control is simply due to a lack of knowledge of weed identification and/or landowner responsibilities.

The purpose of these pages is to provide specific ordinance information (where available) with regard to weed control in each of the incorporated cities in the county and to list some of the weeds that seem to be either particularly prevalent or unrecognized in the different areas. By doing so we hope, in part, to inspire you and maybe your neighbor to step up to the weed control challenge without waiting for one of our staff or, in the case of incorporated cities with weed ordinances, one of the various city personnel to knock on your door or send you a letter.

Click on the city/area in which you have property to see some specific weeds you should be on the look out for as well as whether there are city ordinances in addition to the state noxious weed law regulating control. We will be adding areas as time permits, so if yours is not yet here, please check back or call for the information. We hope you find these pages helpful and welcome your comments at

Incorporated Cities Unincorporated Areas
(with Urban Characteristics)
Kettle Falls

Suncrest and Hwy 291 Corridor
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