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Landfill Site Information 
Located Near Kettle Falls (General Site Map)
Entrance to the site is from State Highway 25 on a county road named Landfill Road. The landfill public receiving area includes the recycling area, scale/office building, moderate risk waste area, and public self haul tipping area.
Recyclables and/or moderate risk waste may be dropped off either upon entering or leaving the site, at the recycling area northeast of the scale/office building. The office building is located to the right of the scale. At the office the scale attendant controls traffic with traffic signal lights, and a loud speaker system. It is possible for the scale attendant to observe activities at the oil, antifreeze and battery recycling area, the CFC recovery area which is located immediately beyond the scale and the public tipping area which is located in front of the office building.
After leaving the scale, vehicles may unload refrigerators or other large appliances if necessary, and/or continue towards the public tipping area entrance. Larger commercial vehicles may continue straight to the active disposal area of the landfill. Please note that access to the pit concludes at 3:30 pm and those hauling waste such as construction material, yard waste, furniture or utilizing dump trucks will need to take the necessary adjustments.
General public vehicles back up to a concrete wall, which is painted to divide it into bays, which are numbered, situated above the trailers. The waste material is thrown into the trailer, down a chute especially designed to prevent or minimize spillage of waste from occurring inside the trailer parking pit. Two bins are provided next to the public tipping area for the diversion of scrap metal and ashes from burn barrels or woodstoves. When departing the public tipping area or the landfill disposal area, vehicles go back to the scales for weighing. Tare weights may be recorded for some commercial vehicles which will only be required to weigh in when full. A separate road is provided for the landfill operator to remove full trailers from the service area and return them without entering the public tipping area.