Landfill>"Free Metals Day" Program

"Free Metals Day" Background
The "Free Metals Day" program had its beginning back in 1999 when the idea of setting aside a day where a Stevens County citizen could bring in any excess metal that, if they had to pay to get rid of, might not normally bring in, was first considered. The idea had several merits to it which included cleaning up Stevens County and keeping its landscape beautiful, encouraging those individuals who might not normally take in metal due to the cost to take advantage of the free rates not normally experienced, etc. After all was taken into consideration it was decided to go ahead with a "test" day to see what kind of response there would be from County Citizens to such a program and if it was something we would should look at establishing yearly.
The first "Free Metals Day" was held in July of 1999. Despite it turning out to be one of the hottest days of the summer, (104 in the shade) we had about 124 vehicles and accumulated approximately 40 tons of metal. Considering that we did not knowing what kind for response we would receive for such an event we were quite pleased.
After the first successful event, the Board Of County Commissioners passed a resolution to have the event twice a year, one day being the last Sunday in April and the other day being first Sunday in October, with the hours being from 9:00a.m. to 3:00p.m. both days, every year henceforth.
Expecting the program to eventually phase out after a few events it has surprisingly grown tremendously over the last five years, as evident in a recent event (April 25th, 2004). Stevens County is pleased with the program's success and enjoys the added benefit of a cleaner County.