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Payment for Services

Similar to visiting a medical clinic, you will be asked about paying for the services you receive.  Payment for services may be covered in one of the following ways:  


  • If you are on Medicaid and have a Medical Identification Card (coupon), your services will be covered by Medicaid.  For some, there will be a "spend down" requirement on your part before services are covered in full.

  • If you are on Medicare, we will bill Medicare Part B for your services.  Supplemental Insurance payments are also accepted.  

  • If you have private insurance that covers behavioral healthcare services, we will bill your insurance.  You most likely will need to get your primary care physician to make a referral.  We are an authorized provider for numerous insurance companies such as Community Health Plan of WA, Foundation Health, MSC,  and Washington State Basic Health.  

  •  If you do not have insurance benefits, you will be asked to pay according to a fee schedule that is based on your income and family size which may include a minimum fee.  

  • No one will be denied services based on inability to pay.