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Crisis Services

    Provides immediate care to those clients faced with an urgent need of a mental health nature.  Services include brief crisis counseling, telephone crisis service, provision of basic needs (medication, shelter, food), and evaluation  for psychiatric hospitalizations.         

    We provide 24-hour, seven days a week, immediate service throughout the county to those in crisis or faced with an emergency of a mental health nature.  Our primary goal is to protect the individual and community from harm which may result from a mental health crisis.   

    It is believed that through this service, the serious disruption of a persons life caused by psychiatric hospitalization can frequently be avoided and that it is in the best interests of the client to receive treatment within their community.    

    For emergency/crisis services during office hours, please call (509) 684-4597 or for emergency services after hours, call 1-888-380-6823, TTY: 1-877-485-6212 and a counselor will be available to discuss your needs.   

    All services are provided under the direct supervision of fully qualified mental health professionals.