232 Williams Lake Road, Colville, WA 99114

Telephone: (509) 685-0937 ext 3

Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00AM - 4:30 PM

"Act today to conserve tomorrow"


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Request for Qualifications

Stevens County Conservation District is asking for engineering statement of qualifications for a stormwater drainage project at Loon Lake and a shoreline stabilization project along Lake Spokane in Nine Mile Falls. 

Each project will be funded not to exceed $5,000 and must be completed by June  1, 2017. 

Statement of qualifications are due Wednesday October 12th at 4:00 p.m. Pacific Time.  To receive a Request for Qualifications and to submit statements, contact  Charlie Kessler at

  Our Mission

Upcoming Events


“To promote the wise use of renewable natural resources

within Stevens County”

Next SCCD Monthly Board Meeting:

October 13, 2016 

beginning at 7:30 am

@ Ag Services Building

232 Williams Lake Rd

  What We Do  
  The Stevens County Conservation District is a non-regulatory agency. Our goal is to develop and implement programs to protect and conserve soil, water, farmland, rangeland, forests, wildlife and other renewable resources throughout the district. We provide technical and financial assistance to landowners within the district boundaries who have natural resource concerns or problems. We also provide educational assistance to schools and organizations within Stevens County.  
  Who Runs the District?

The District is governed by a board of five supervisors, who are all local residents. Three supervisors are elected by residents within the District and two are appointed by the State Conservation Commission. The board may also include an unlimited number of associate members. All of the members’ time and effort serving the District is on a volunteer basis.


VSP Work Group Meeting

October 13, 2016

6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

St. Mary of the Rosary
502 E Main Street
  How We are Funded  
  The District operates by obtaining grant funding from local, state, and federal sources. We receive no money from tax assessments.  
2017 Tree Sales
Order Forms
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  Board Meetings  
  The board of supervisors meets the second Thursday of each month at 7:30 a.m. in the District office at 232 Williams Lake Rd in Colville. All meetings are open to the public.  
  Board of Supervisors  

 ■  Chair:  Andy Kroiss

 ■  Auditor:  Connie Bergstrom  
 ■  Vice-Chair:  Thomas McKern  
 ■  Member:  John Dawson  
 ■  Member:  Pete Guglielmino  
  About Us    

Stevens County Conservation District (SCCD) was established in 1942 as a conservation district. We are a non-regulatory agency that was created to bridge the gap between local landowners and state and federal government. We are directed by a board consisting of five volunteer supervisors, three elected and two appointed, who serve three year terms and oversee the operations of the District. These volunteer Supervisors establish policy, set priorities, and direct the District’s operations.

SCCD believes local citizens should lead conservation and the final responsibility for conservation lies with the landowner. SCCD’s goal is to assist landowners in the development and implementation of conservation practices that protect our county’s valuable natural resources. The District can offer technical and financial assistance for:


 ●  Erosion control

 ● Forest Management
 ●  Riparian area protection  ● Conservation planning
 ●  Wetland restoration  ● Wildlife habitat improvement
 ●  Fish barrier removal  ● Water Quality
 ●  Educational programs  ● Agricultural production
 ●  Regulatory compliance  

Administrator:  Dean Hellie
Office Admin:  Jeanne Bateman
Water Quality Coordinator: Charlie Kessler
Natural Resource Technician: Cecily Kowitz
Project Coordinator: Dana Bowers
VSP Coordinator : Adam Cares
Firewise Coordinator: Zach Beer
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