This is an unofficial list of legal notices published by Stevens County. While every attempt is made to insure the accuracy and completeness of the listing, you should verify the same by consulting the County’s official newspaper of record which is currently The Chewelah Independent.

This page last updated: April 01, 2014



The Stevens County Developmental Disabilities Program (which is responsible for the provision of County Day Program Services to individuals with developmental disabilities in both Stevens and Ferry Counties) operated by Northeast Washington Alliance Counseling Services (NEWACS; a Department of Stevens County Government) is issuing a Request for Qualifications inviting interested applicants capable of providing employment and other day program services to individuals with developmental disabilities to apply.
The attached package includes general information, instructions required for submittal, and responsibilities of selected agencies.

RFQ General Information in pdf

Data Security Requirements in pdf

FY14 Ferry-Stevens Rate Schedule in pdf


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