This is an unofficial list of legal notices published by Stevens County. While every attempt is made to insure the accuracy and completeness of the listing, you should verify the same by consulting the County’s official newspaper of record which is currently The Chewelah Independent.

This page last updated: October 11, 2016




            Pursuant to the provisions of RCW Chapters 36.32 and 39.94, Stevens County hereby gives notice of the existence of a vendor list for the lease or purchase of materials, equipment, supplies and services by Stevens County.  Any person, firm or business may be placed on the vendor list by delivering in writing to the undersigned the potential vendor's name, address, telephone number and category(ies) of materials, equipment, supplies and/or services available.   Requested information may be submitted at any time during the year.


Nettie LaDoux

Assistant Clerk of the Board

Stevens County Commissioners

215 South Oak St.

Colville, WA  99114


Publishing in the legal paper of record:          October 10th  and October 17th , 2016

Regarding the 2017 Budget



Pursuant to the provisions of RCW Chapter 36.40, the Board of Commissioners of Stevens County, Washington, hereby provides notice that it has completed and placed on file its preliminary budget for Stevens County for fiscal year 2017, a copy of which will be furnished any citizen who will call for it at the Board's office.  The Board of County Commissioners will meet and conduct a hearing at 10:00 a.m. on Monday, December 5, 2016, for the purpose of fixing the final 2017 budget, making tax levies and adopting changes, if any, to the Capital Facilities Plan for 2017-2022. The hearing will be held in the Commissioners Office located at 230 E. Birch Avenue in Colville, Washington.  This is an open public meeting.  Any taxpayer may appear and speak for or against any part of the budget or proposed changes/additions to the Capital Facilities Plan.  The hearing location is barrier free.  Persons needing special accommodation should contact the undersigned at the address listed above, by calling (509) 684-3751 or by email ( five working days prior to the date of the hearing.

 Polly Coleman, Clerk of the Board

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